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After a painful weekend with abductor pain, I got a deep tissue massage from Anthony.  I was pain-free the next day and throughout the week.  He has a talent for targeting the root of the pain and working it out.  Thank you, Anthony! - Lisa B.
I get massages frequently and I'm never fully satisfied with the depth amongst other things. I am very active and my muscles need a deep tissue massage regularly. He is the only massage therapist that I've seen that actually gets to the muscle and works out any tension or knots I might have! He also understands anatomy, and where the muscles are and what they do. I highly recommend Anthony, especially for deep tissue sports massage type work!! He's a hidden gem! - Hannah H.
Every time I come to Anthony every ache and pain  I have from either from my migraines or multiple spinal stenosis in my neck Anthony has been able to help me over most of this pains without medication. This is is huge for me!!!! This guy has the best deep tissue massage that I have for be yet.  I love Anthony - Carolyn D.
Anthony is one of the best deep tissue massage therapists that I have been to and I have been to many!  He knows how to find the sore spots and he works diligently to get those knots out.    He is very good at massage therapy and can handle the challenging cases like me.  :-) - Lisa S.
Pretty great massage! I've had a stressful few weeks at work, and was looking for a last minute massage on Friday night. I found Anthony on here, so I called and was able to come in 2 hours later. Incredible massage - he's professional, polite and really hits the spots. I'll definitely be back. - Ashley J.
Honestly, if you think you have the best deep tissue message therapist, think again. After trying several message therapists in the area, I stumbled upon Anthony and will not waste my time or money anywhere else. I was having serious shoulder, upper back and front pectoral pain (due to computer slouching most likely) and after one 90 minute session with Anthony, I was pain free. About a month-and-a-half later, the pain was resurfacing, so I booked another appointment. It's been two months now, and no pain. Anthony, along with his Game of Thrones music playing in the background, is by far the best message therapist I've experienced. - Margaret C.