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Renegade City Information

Founded 1998
Ownership Renegade Empire
Location Redwood City, CA
Mission Renegade City is the capital of the Renegade Empire. It's mission is to be the central hub for all Renegade Empire activities and associations.
History Renegade City was founded in January of 1998 as part of the expansion of the Renegade Empire. Renegade Imperial Services Network was born and included Renegade City, Renegade Empire, Renegade Trade Federation and the BlackLight Project. RISN's goal was to create an environment of trade and commerce.

As the years went on, RISN was dissolved and a new image of Renegade City was formed. Where as RISN was the central hub for commerce, Renegade City took up the mantle as the focal point. RTF & BlackLight Projects were scrapped with RISN.

In more recent years, Renegade City found new life with Anthony's Deep Tissue Massage & Muscle Therapy. Along with BlackLight Projects being rebranded as Renegade Empire Projects. Renegade City would also have its own online trading card store.

Fast forward to 2018 and so much more has happened in Renegade City's evolution. Along with the aforementioned, now Renegade City welcomes Renegade Kitty, Inc. Our very own non profit cat and kitten rescue organization.
Address PO Box 610021, Redwood City, CA 94061