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Anthony's Deep Tissue Massage
& Muscle Therapy

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Vivi D.
Anthony is amazing! I went in told him exactly what was wrong with my body (lower back problems) and he was very aware and cautious of that thing that i liked the most was him telling me which muscles effects the areas on your body..was a super great experience my first time there. Will def be coming back soon
Jan D.
just had an 90 minute massage from Anthony. He knows the anatomy of the body and was able to work on the muscles that were causing my sore shoulder. I will continue to see him on a regular schedule to keep the pain from returning. The best massage I have ever had.
Margaret C.
Honestly, if you think you have the best deep tissue message therapist, think again. After trying several message therapists in the area, I stumbled upon Anthony and will not waste my time or money anywhere else. I was having serious shoulder, upper back and front pectoral pain (due to computer slouching most likely) and after one 90 minute session with Anthony, I was pain free. About a month-and-a-half later, the pain was resurfacing, so I booked another appointment. It's been two months now, and no pain. Anthony, along with his Game of Thrones music playing in the background, is by far the best message therapist I've experienced.
Charissa I.
I had a massage on Friday at massage envy, it was ok and I had signed up for there membership. Saturday I called here to have another massage since I was still so tight and in pain. I called and spoke to Anthony he told me he had a special going 90 minutes for $100. I went in and the room was warmly lite and nice and warm. I had a really relaxing and enjoyable massage with Anthony, The next day I felt so much better that I called massage envy and cancelled my membership. I made another appointment for Monday and was just as pleased so I made another appointment for this Friday. I love that he uses coconut oil, when I leave I smell so good. While talking to Anthony I found out he use to do my moms oncology massage and she liked him so much she bought a five pack of massages. I would highly recommend Anthony for your massage is very professional and very tentative to your needs.
Joni O.
Anthony is an exceptionally skilled massage therapist. He is better than anyone I have tried (and I have been to people in Palo Alto who charged $200 per hour). Anthony's work has helped me reduce the frequency and severity of my migraine headaches and has improved my overall quality of life. I highly recommend Anthony to anyone seeking a massage therapist to improve mobility and functionality.
Laila A.
I have been getting massages for the past 30+ years and I have never had anything like Anthony does to me. He has found on numerous occasions, areas that I had no clue bothered me which turned out to be the heart of the problem. He saved me from surgery he is so good. I highly recommend Anthony for deep tissue massage.
Lisa B.
I get a monthly deep tissue massage from Anthony. He knows how to work out the pain points and gives advice on how to prevent future pain. He is knowledgeable about muscles and helped me figure out that my knee pain was caused by tight quads. He has suggested many stretches to hit different muscle groups. Anthony also remembers your hobbies and issues so he can provide targeted and consistent therapy.
Lynn F.
Anthony was my masseuse and he did a fantastic job. I had much tension in my neck and shoulders. He pointed out all the ways in which my recent activities contributed to tension in my muscles. He explained everything he wanted to work on and how the muscles interacted with each other. He was very gentle and professional. If I were to stick around and continue living in the Redwood City area I would be happy to work with him again.
Maria B.
Yesterday I had a 90 minute massage with Anthony. Up until recently I had been a 5+ year member of another massage establishment nearby. There is absolutely NO comparison of what I experienced yesterday to any of the monthly massages I had received where I had been a member for many many years. I have double hip replacements and am generally stiff and uncomfortable. The discomfort had got so great that I decided that a massage might help and so looked on YELP. I chose the Redwood Massage and Sauna because of its extended weekend hours and excellent reviews for the most part and I was not disappointed. I told Anthony when I met him exactly what was bothering me and within minutes he explained the whole problem to me. He worked out the areas for 90 minutes and I feel like a different person. I was a bit embarrassed a few times as to really get to the root of my problem I was a little more naked than I am comfortable with but the end result was brilliant and Anthony was very professional throughout the massage. I definitely will return for future massages and if you are looking for a life changing massage to remove pain and discomfort I'd REALLY recommend Anthony.
Sari S.
Had a massage with Anthony, a massage therapist with gifted hands who tailored a totally bespoke massage for my body at the time. He worked hard into the knots and sore achy muscles leaving me feeling pain free and super relaxed. I'm grateful to have found this place, and will be back for the same treatment. Doesn't get any better then this.
Miss F.
I have been going to this place for a while. Anthony was the one who worked on me. He knows where and how much pressure to put on a point. He tries to get the kinks out of my upper back with his techniques. Every time I leave, I feel so relaxed!!! He also shows me how I can to work on my back when I can't get an appointment with him. I try to get an appointment with him every week, but sometimes he's booked already. I also like that he has made the room comfortable, meaning that if it's too hot or too cold in the room he will adjust to ur comfort. Some other places don't do this.
Susan F.
Anthony is a fabulous massage therapist!!! I have not had a deep tissue massage in sooooo long that was worth the money. People say they do deep tissue, but they don't. He gives a massage that is for you, not just a generic massage. I highly recommend going to him. I have been a massage therapist for 22 years and it is hard to find someone who is this good. I will be back for sure!