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Massage Therapy Memberships

The Membership Program:
The Renegade City Massage Therapy Services Membership Program is designed to reward loyal massage clients with exceptional discounts on massages. As a member, you are not only entitled to deep discounts, but you are exempt from the normal restrictions. There is no penalty for a no call, no show. No penalty for being late or cancelling at the last minute. You also get additional time at no extra cost.
Why is this Program different than other memberships?
With this revised program, you have the option of a 6 month or a 12 month membership. You are allowed to pre-purchase as many massage sessions as you like at the discounted rates, they will never expire. This program includes both the Bay Area locations and the Central Valley locations. When your membership expires, all of the massages that were pre-purchased, do not expire.
Renegade City Massage Therapy Members Only Rates:
$50 for a 1 Hour Massage Session
$75 for a 90 Minute Massage Session
$100 for a 2 Hour Massage Session
Additional time can be added at no extra cost.
Purchase Massage Membership Package:
$900 for a 6 Month Membership
$1800 for a 12 Month Membership
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