Star Trek Trading Card Collection


A Collection of Star Trek Trading Cards

1999 Skybox - Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Memories from the Future
Autograph Cards (1:box)
EXPIRED Autograph Redemption Avery Brooks Captain Benjamin Sisko

2019 Star Trek InfleXions: Starfleet's Finest
Parallels: Mirror/InfleXions (base, unnumbered, 3:pack), White (1:1.5 packs, # to 150), Silver Holofoil (1:3 packs, # to 75)
7 Dr. McCoy - Star Trek: The Original Series (Base)
24 Data - Star Trek: The Next Generation (White 096/150)
32 Troi - Star Trek: The Next Generation (Base)
43 Captain Sisko - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Base)
61 Ezri Dax - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Base)
62 Jake Sisko - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (White 028/150)
68 Chakotay - Star Trek: Voyager (Base)
69 Tuvok - Star Trek: Voyager (Base)
73 Paris - Star Trek: Voyager (Silver Holofoil 46/75)
85 Neelix - Star Trek: Voyager (Base)
90 T'Pol - Star Trek: Voyager (Base)
100 Sato - Star Trek: Enterprise (Base)

Throwback Sticker Cards
ST19 Dr. Pulaski

Movie Autograph Cards (1:box) Art of Design
Christopher Plummer as General Chang in STVI: The Undiscovered Country - Limited

2020 Star Trek the Original Series: Archives and Inscriptions
The Uncut "The City on the Edge of Forever" (1:12 packs)
8 The strange object on the planet's surface suddenly
19 Later that evening, Kirk and Spock eat dinner at th
27 While Kirk walks Edith Keeler home, Spock works to
35 After a good night's sleep in the back room of the

TOS Heroes & Villains Expansion Set (1:12 packs)
107 Leila Kalomi - Villains
109 Ayelborne - Heroes
110 Nancy Hedford - Heroes
116 Amanda - Heroes

Inscription Autograph Cards (1:24 packs)
A31 John Wheeler as Gav

Other Autograph Cards (1:24 packs)
Robert Walker Jr. as Charlie Evans (Very Limited)

2003 Star Trek: The Complete Animated Adventures
Die-Cut CD-ROMs (Box-Toppers) - Sulu

Star Trek Discovery Season 2 Promo P2 Non Sports Update Exclusive


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