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About Renegade City
          Renegade City was founded in January of 1999. It was part of the Renegade Empire expansion and member of the Renegade Imperial Services Network. RISN included the Renegade Empire, Renegade City, Renegade Trade Federation, & BlackLight Project. The goal was to create an organization to promote fair trade and become the central process for many different organizations.

          RISN split up after a few years of trying to expand. All that Remained was Renegade City which was now the capital of the Renegade Empire. It now focuses on as a hub for trade and the promoter of stories from the Renegade Empire. Renegade City promotes Anthony's Deep Tissue Massage, the Renegade City Online Store, and Projects from the Renegade Empire.
Contact Renegade City
Renegade City
PO Box 610021
Redwood City, CA 94061
Phone: (650) 241-1430