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About Renegade City

Founded 1998
Ownership Capital City of the Renegade Empire
Mission Renegade City was a dream given form. Capital of the Renegade Empire, its goal was to create a place of commerce and wonder. A home away from home, where people could dream and create a better future.
Location Headquarters: Las Vegas, NV
History Founded in January of 1998, Renegade City was one of four parts of what was known as the Renegade Imperial Services Network (RISN). RISN was created as the Renegade Empire's need for expansion. Along with the Renegade Empire and Renegade City were the Renegade Trade Federation and the BlackLight Project.

RISN was to survive for only a few years. As some parts of RISN became more useful that others, it was disbanded. Only two parts remain, The Renegade Empire & its capital, Renegade City. Gone were the likes of the Renegade Trade Federation and the BlackLight Project.

In recent years, Renegade City had a couple of new additions with Anthony's Deep Tissue Massage & Muscle Therapy, Renegade City Cards & Toys, & Renegade Kitty. The BlackLight Project was rebranded into Renegade Empire Projects and focused them all into two main projects.

Current Events: Due to the Great Pandemic of 2020, Renegade City's Office has been relocated to Las Vegas, NV. Anthony's Deep Tissue Massage & Muscle Therapy is now Renegade City Massage Therapy Services. Renegade Kitty is on HIATUS until the company can be restructured. The current goal is to aquire massage clients in Las Vegas as well as get the Renegade City Store back up and running, which was down due to the constant moving around.

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