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Renegade City Projects

Project 1: The Long Night Trilogy

The Long Night Trilogy is a series of 3 books of poems written by Freeza. Each of the 3 books contain 50 poems written through out the course of his life and details a specific time period.
"A Light From the Long Dark"
Book 1 chronicles the years from Freeza's birth until the time that he began on his journey in the navy.
"Lost in Darkness"
Book 2 chronicles Freeza's time in the navy into the dark times that followed.

"Rebirth in the Shadow of Light"
Book 3 chronicles Freeza's triumphant return to California, the return to his family, and his new beginning.


Project 2: The Renegade Empire

The Renegade Empire is a story written by Freeza when he was a boy in high school. Now many years later, this project is the culmination of several original ideas. They are to be formed into a series of 5 movies and 4 television series. This projects concept has never been done before and should prove quite a challenge.


Project: Updates

As the projects progress, a blog posting will be added from time to time.


Digital: Media

A gallery of pictures and videos from different events and activities will be shared here from all members of the Renegade Empire.


Renegade City: Donations

Now you have the option of supporting Renegade City by donating to the cause. The more support we have from people, the fast new content is added.